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Our VISA PVC department specializes in the sale and distribution of products manufactured by SIOEN INDUSTRIES exclusively in Spain.
SIOEN, a Belgian company, is on the cutting edge in spinning and weaving and is renowned for its novel technology applied to the textile sector (canvases, technical textiles, fabrics and membranes). It offers premium-quality products as well as an extensive, varied range of colors and finishes.

VISA’s distribution of the SIOEN brand, which dates back to 1996, confirms not only VISA’s professionalism in the commercial advice it offers when choosing among the wide range of products we have in stock in our facilities, but also the short, quick delivery times and highly advantageous financial conditions which VISA offers its customers.

These state-of-the-art fabrics comprise a substrate or polyester support lined in pigmented or neutral PVC. They are then applied one of the five covering techniques, depending on the performance we are seeking in the fabric.

– Direct covering: the PVC paste is applied directly to the fabric in four layers.

– Post-transfer coverings: the PVC or silicone paste is applied to the fabric with a paper holder.

– In-line covering: applied to the open weft fabric by immersion and, before rolling, it is submerged in a PVC paste bath. This technique is only usually applied to mesh fabric.

– Fusion covering: we produce a film of different polymers and it is rolled on a textile, paper or felt.

– Calendaring covering: we make thermoplastic polyolefin so the PVC particles give a relief and the canvas is given a textile appearance.

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