VISA filtration

Specialists in industrial liquid filtration



All VISA FILTRATION method bags are built with a sewn or knitted fabric, and are available in TWO types of mesh:

– Single filament meshes providing excellent strength without loss of fibre.

– Mesh woven with multi-filaments, designed for cheaper and disposable bags.

The mesh weave of all of our filtering bags is highly resistant to abrasion, to a wide range of chemical substances, is not sensitive to metal fatigue or corrosion and assures great resistance to traction.

Characteristics of the VISA FILTRATION mesh bags:

 MATERIALS: single filament nylon, single filament polypropylene, multifilament polypropylene, single filament polyester, multifilament polyester

 MICRONAGE: from 1 to 1,500 µm

 SIZE: from 4 a 7” in diameter and from 8.25 to 32” in length

 RINGS: polypropylene, metal ring or ringless

 TEMPERATURE: VISA FILTRATION polyester bags can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C