VISA filtration

Specialists in industrial liquid filtration



VISA FILTRATION bags are made with a kind of felt that gives them longer life and greater capacity to purify the liquid and sieve particles of all sizes. The heat-welded seams eliminate the chance of fluid loss through holes in sewn seams. We offer a variety of finishes to inhibit fibre loss.

On the whole, our filtering bags have a greater capacity to hold back the dirt in comparison with standard bags.

We also offer felt with inserted polyester. These reinforced felts include a tape core sewn inside the material to give it additional strength and durability.

Characteristics of the VISA FILTRATION felt bags:

■ MATERIALS: polypropylene, polyester, nylon and Teflon

■ MICRONAGE: from 1 to 200 µm

■ SIZE: from 4 to 7” in diameter and from 8.25 to 32” in length

■ RINGS: polypropylene, high-temperature ring, metal ring or ringless

TEMPERATURE: VISA FILTRATION Teflon bags can withstand temperatures of up to 270ºC