Advice in international trade


In VISA we offer a wide range of consultancy services to manage our customers’ international operations. We process projects in the international arena to help customers optimise their costs, to correctly apply the tax legislation and the international payment systems, to use the import and export regulations and to achieve maximum logistic agility.

New markets, new goals

We accompany our customers in their international expansion to compete on new markets.

VISA’s strategy for expanding and diversifying comes through exploring new markets and being aware of the appearance of materials that might be of interest to the customers.

The technical and commercial team looks for the product that best adapts to the customer briefing and to the market.

VISA Consulting scope

– Management of international contracts

– Management of customs deposits

– Special systems such as active and passive perfecting

– Consignments

– Planning of import and export operations

– Triangular operations

– Management of interrelation with different economic operators